This Reading Plan is designed to give you a 14 step overview of the Bible and its message. Because this overview is extremely brief and jumps around quite a lot, missing a lot of detailed reading and covering large periods in time, we have included an introduction to each reading. We also give comments for you to read afterwards.

If you aren't sure how to find the parts of the Bible we have listed look at Finding your way around the Bible first.

Remember: If you have any questions we are only an e-mail away!

Step 1: God made our world
Step 2: Sin comes into our world
Step 3: God destroys a wicked world
Step 4: God's promises to Abraham
Step 5: The promises are repeated to Jacob
Step 6: God makes promises to King David
Step 7: God's Son is born
Step 8: Jesus dies
Step 9: Jesus is alive!
Step 10: Jesus goes to heaven
Step 11: Jesus comes back to earth
Step 12: Hope for you and me
Step 13: After Jesus returns
Step 14: God's Kingdom set up on earth

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