In all the world, the sea and sky
I am the LORD alone.
Do not bow down to other gods
made out of wood or stone.

Before you speak take time to think
just how you'll use my name.
Will what you say give praise to me
or will it bring me shame.

Six days each week will be for work
and keep one day for me.
With worship, praise and prayer spend time
Since I have set you free.

Give honor to your Mum and Dad.
(and other adults too).
Do this and I'll extend your life
and I'll look after you.

There are six things I do not like,
Six things you must not do.
Be warned that if you do these things
Troubles will come to you.

The first thing that you must not do
is murder anyone.
God gave us life and he decides
just when our life is done.

Husband and wife must be faithful
And in their marriage stay.
Don't steal or take from anyone
or you will have to pay.

Be careful with the things you say
or even just imply,
When speaking of the ones you know.
I do not like a lie.

So when you stand before the judge,
stop first and give some thought.
Is what you have to say the truth?
Liars always get caught.

It does not help to look around
at things that are not yours.
To long for them with great desire
has started many wars.

These ten commandments Moses wrote,
on two pieces of stone.
from God to Israel's children, yet
not just for them alone.

"Keep these commandments" Jesus said,
"Yet ten can become two.
Love God and Love each other well,
Is what you need to do."