The King had an image made out of fine gold.
Bow down to this idol the people were told.
But Shadrach and Meshach, Abednigo too,
All knew this was something that they must not do.

The king became angry, his orders were given.
And into a furnace the three men were driven.
The fire burned hotter than ever before
For it had been heated up seven times more.

The King was surprised. He said "We threw in three,
but now I see four men, all walking and free".
Now strange things can happen, but this one is odd.
The fourth is an angel sent down from their God.

Now God kept them safe and just like they had said.
There wasn't one hair singed upon each man's head.
Their clothes were not burnt, they did not even smell.
I guess that those men had a story to tell.

The King was astonished at what he could see.
He stood up right there and he made a decree.
"Let's praise the LORD now, don't let anyone miss,
For no other God can save people like this".