The world was full of wickedness
The Lord God was annoyed
Except for Noah and his family
The earth will be destroyed

Noah and his wife had three grown sons
And each one had a wife.
They worshipped God and did their best
To please him with their life.

God gave instructions how to build
A great big wooden boat.
And seal the walls inside and out
Because it needs to float

The boat was large and hard to build
It took them many years
The people watching laughed and laughed
And taunted them with jeers

No flood will come on us they said
Oh no! It will not rain
We do not need to change our ways
They told them with distain.

All the animals came along
God sent them there in pairs
A male and female of each type
The turtles and the hares

The elephants and the tigers
The frogs and bumble bees
The snakes, the bats and the lemurs
The ants and chimpanzees

The spiders and the echidnas
The eagles and the lark
The locusts and the snails
were sent to Noah's Ark.

The sheep and goats and turtledoves
All entered through the door
The ones for food and sacrifice
The Lord God sent some more

Once all of them were safe inside
Then it began to rain
The water rose, the people died
Their cries were all in vein.

The waters underground came up
It made quite a fountain
And then it rained for forty days
To hide every mountain

The rain had stopped, the sun came out
Yet all that could be seen
Was water, water everywhere
And not a speck of green.

After four months the water fell
And the ark came to rest
Upon the mountain range that’s known
As Ararat near the crest.

Five months more and those in the boat
Just had to stay around
While they waited, the waters fell
Leaving behind dry ground.

Now Noah went up in the Ark
Opened a window high
He sent a raven out of it
Into the great blue sky.

Seven days more he went again
And this time sent a dove
And from the window near the roof
Into the sky above

The dove flew around and around
And though it did its best
It came back to the ark again
There was no place to rest.

The fact the dove came back again
Told him enough to know
The trees and plants outside the ark
Needed more time to grow

So Noah waited patiently
Throughout another week
He sent the dove and it came back
An olive leaf in its beak.

More time went by and Noah knew
The ground was almost dry.
He sent the dove back out again
When seven days went by.

This time the dove did not come back
Yet still he had to stay
For two more months inside the Ark
Until he heard God say

“The time has come to leave the Ark
Your family with you
The birds that fly and creeping things
And the animals too.”

So Noah build an altar there
His worship pleased the Lord
I’ll never flood like this again
The Lord God gave his word

He made a promise on that day
A sign to see it by
For all to see after the rain
A rainbow in the sky