In each of the Word Finds there is an extra word hidden. Highlight each of the words in the word list by clicking, once on the first letter and once on the last letter as you locate them in the grid.

Each Word Find has two versions. In the 'Basic' version the remaining letters spell out the hidden word, but with 'Scramble' you will need to unjumble the remaining letters to work out the hidden word.


Find some of God's Creation - creatures large and small. basic | scramble


Scan around until all these Birds are found. basic | scramble


Locate these Cities from Israel and the surrounding nations. basic | scramble


Look carefully for these Kings - Do you recognise them all? basic | scramble

OT People

Search out these friends from the Old Testament. basic | scramble

New Testament People

Search out these friends from the New Testament. basic | scramble


Search out these Titles from the Bible. basic | scramble


Scan around until all these Rulers are found. basic | scramble


Find all these Rulers sent by God. basic | scramble


Search to find the attitudes and characteristics God wants us to have. basic | scramble

Stories Jesus told

Search to find words from stories Jesus told. basic | scramble