Adam and Eve could be found, in the garden God had made.
They cared for it and ate the fruit - as long as they obeyed.

For God had made just one strict law, one tree they must pass by,
The day they touched and ate its fruit they would begin to die.

The serpent came and tempted Eve "This fruit is such a prize."
"You will not die" the serpent said "instead you will be wise".

Eve ate the fruit, it was so good, she shared with Adam too.
The guilt, shame and embarrassment - these thoughts to them were new.

They knew that they were naked, so this is what they both did,
They made some clothes from fig leaves and in Eden's garden hid.

When evening came God called to them, he knew what they had done.
He questioned them about it, and each blamed the other one.

God killed some animals and made them, clothing from the skins,
To show that blood is needed for forgiving human sins.

God sent them from the garden (Adam and his wife),
And put an angel in the way to guard the tree of life.

Just like God said, their lives were changed as they began to die.
Sin filled the world and all because the serpent told a lie.