Where are the 7 ways to worship God listed in the Bible?

The seven ways are based on the seven different Hebrew words that are translated "praise" in English (KJV):

1. Yadah. Psalm 145:10

  • The root "Yad" means "hands"
  • It is to lift your hands in response to what the Lord has done
  • To worship with extended hands, to throw out the hands to give thanks to God
  • It is an outward expression of what is on the inside

2. Towdah. Psalm 42:4

  • Praising God despite the circumstances
  • It is praise that pushes through the walls that may be built because of circumstances
  • It is praise that is lifted to heaven in our time of need

* Towdah has its origins from the word "yadah"

3. Barouch. Judges 5:2

  • It simply means to bow in the awesome presence of the Lord
  • It is to simply be overwhelmed because you can hardly believe that you have been given favour by the Lord and His Holy Majesty

4. Shabach. Psalm 145:4

  • This is a shout
  • It is praise that is given before the answer comes about
  • It is a public testimony that drowns out the noise

5. Zamar. Psalm 21:13

  • This is to praise God in song with any instrument
  • It is to pluck the strings of an instrument to praise with song

6. Halell. Psalm 145:2

  • It is to praise, laud, boast of, celebrate, to be clamorously foolish
  • It is the kind of praise that makes you want to dance
  • This is the word that we get Hallelujah from.

* there is an eighth word for praise, "makalal" based on this word, Proverbs 27:21

7. Tehillah. Psalm 145:21

  • This is the biggest, this is the best
  • It is the combination of the rest

Psalm 145, as an example, uses four of these seven forms of praise.