When we read the Bible we are sometimes given a summary of events and other times we are given a lot of detail. This means that what we read is not always in the order that it happened. You will find that you cover in greater detail what happened in verse 26 and 27 of Genesis 1 as well as events that occured afterwards. Read Genesis 2-3.

Chapter 2:1-3 completes the summary of the seven days of creation. God rested on the seventh day and used this as an example for us. In Exodus 20:8 God commands the nation of Israel to work only six days a week and rest on the seventh just like he did.

God made a rule and tested Adam and Eve to see whether they would obey him. We can see that God gave Adam and Eve freedom of choice, he did not made them like robots. God has given us a choice too, but many people don't even bother to find out what the options are or what he wants us to do.

Adam and Eve were created 'very good'. This means they were not 'mortal' or 'dying' like we are and they were not 'immortal' or 'never dying' like God is. After they sinned they became 'mortal'. Romans 6:23 tells us that "the wages of sin is death". Every human alive today sins, we inherited this from Adam and Eve and that is why we die too.

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