After the flood people soon turned away from God. God changed things so that many different languages were spoken and people could not understand each other. Instead of all living together they spread out and began to fill the world. Different nations were born. Time passed and God spoke to Abram. Read Genesis 12:1-8. Later God gave Abram more detail and changed his name to Abraham. Read Genesis 13:14-17, 15:1-6 and 17:1-8.

Abraham had lived in Ur and Haran, cities that worshipped the moon god. He left everything to follow a God he didn't know very well and to travel to an unknown destination. This required a lot of faith.

Here is a summary of the promises God made:

1.Abraham would be blessed
2.Abraham's fame would be great
3.He would have a son
4.Through his son, would come a great nation
5.That nation would be like the stars of the sky in number
6.The land of Canaan as far as he could see would be given to that nation
7.Abraham would be a blessing
8.People who bless Abraham will be blessed
9.People who curse Abraham will be cursed
10.All people will be blessed through Abraham
11.So he will be a father of many nations

God has kept his promises and the last two will happen soon. You can be one of the people blessed through Abraham.

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