After God had given the nation Israel the land he promised, they were ruled by 'judges' and later 'kings'. King David was the second king to rule and he loved God. Read 2 Samuel 7.

Verses 10-16 give us the following promises:

1.The nation of Israel will live in peace.
2.God will establish a house for David.
3.One of David's children will build a house for God.
4.God will set up the same person as king for ever.
5.God will be his father and he will be God's son.

Most of these promises came true during the life of Solomon, David's son. A time is coming when it will all happen again and this time it will last forever.

David did not hesitate to thank God for all the good things he had already done and for what he had promised. We like to be thanked when we do something for another person and God is just the same.

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